For all day to day needs, signup/login, keys, identity information, access tokens, payments and more – verifying identities remotely both online and offline, from anywhere at any time, using your inherent physical only (such as your face, fingerprint or palm-print), with state-of-the-art security features that can’t be found anywhere else. No tedious documents or forms. No compromise. Get the best possible security! And have a peace of mind of having a secured future! We will change the usual game in the community!

Individual Identification of the Future

It’s no secret that identification technology has evolved greatly over the past few years. However, what about the identity data? It comes as a surprise that this concept is still so far behind. While centralized platforms have changed the way we build networks and share crucial information, data hoarding is becoming a growing global concern. While we can’t escape the fact that your identity is the primary way to access services, we can minimize your risk.

Savx, will provide global institutions and individuals with reliable, Identity via decentralized data storage and exchange. Savx is here to shatter boundaries, bridge gaps and create new opportunities; effectively disrupting the identity verification landscape.

Savx will encourage and support data exchange decentralization. Our users can (finally) engage in transactions by instantly verifying a party’s identity, without needing to reveal any sensitive or irrelevant details. It’s the best of every world, and it’s beneficial for everyone – giving the power back to the people. You’re welcome.

SAVX is:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Decentralized
  • Universal
  • Transparent
  • Secure
  • Private
  • Efficient

Advanced Technology

Enjoy state-of-the-art identification management and verification; through methods such as:

Biometric Verification

Facial Recognition

Palm Vein


NFC/BLE Scanning

CCTV Socialized Systems

By eternally linking your personal data to our inherent physical presence, 100% digitally, you can ensure that your identity belongs to you… and you only.

Use Cases

Signup – login and checkout online with your face, finger or palm.
In-store checkout with your face, finger or palm.
Identify others with your smartphone camera.
Open or access your bank account-ATM, credit card or apply and use your insurance, board a flight or border control access, ETC. all with your face, finger or palm.
Stream your CCTV and smart door bell to SAVX and know who is wondering around your premises or is at your door plus anomalies analyzation.
Office access, terminal logins, car access, smart appliance and smart home access all via your face, finger or palm.
Enabling Autonomous economy (Gas station, Airport checkin and boarding, Airbnb, hotels, car rental, public transportation and the list goes on). identify, pay and access all via your face, finger or palm.

All of this is just the beginning.

Who knows what the future has to hold for Savx? We don’t, but we DO know that it CAN and WILL change the world – through sophisticated methods of identity management and verification.

This is the future of identity protection. This is the future of convenience.
This is Savx. Secure your world; anywhere, anytime.

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About Us

With the rise of cybercrimes today, everyone can be a potential target. Any sensitive or personal information stored in your wallets should be protected all the time. SAVX is here to give you a simple, seamless and secure solution so you can have a peace of mind living a life every day.

Who We Are?

SAVX is on a mission to protect identities, accounts, properties and other important things you have. We are a team specialized in helping the people living a safe and secure life against cybercrimes. Our team’s collective desire to offer a security empowerment is driven by our values.

The security and privacy of every user that opt for our services are critical to our company’s success and we won’t forsake them in the service for our ambition. We understand that each user has their own specific needs that is why we are providing a variety of service options that will specifically work to their needs and preferences.

What We Do

The e-commerce fraud loss had reached $57.8 billion, the health insurance fraud loss escalate to $68 billion, the damage in cybersecurity will reach up to $6 trillion by 2021, the cybercrime cost may reach over $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021, and 2,000,000 homes were broken annually just in the USA alone. By 2019, about 841,000,000 CCVTs will be installed, with $75 billion potential market value.

With those cases, everyone can be at a high risk. SAVX ensures that all your information in your wallet, your access to the trusted zones, and other identity related information are secured. We even offer flexible options to secure your premises when using our CCTV service for the clients of using our service. Our award-winning security solutions are simple, safe and seamless to use. Providing a solution that is Blockchain anchored, every user can safely pay bills and make various transactions using their SAVX wallet, as well as access to the trusted authorized zones.

Meet Our Team!

We are a company composed of professionals and experts who understand how dangerous life of today is. Cyber attackers and hackers are around targeting the crucial data of vulnerable accounts. Would it be bank accounts, emails, or other important data, there’ll be no escape once the cybercriminals take chances.

our privacy matters to us, and as professionals who comprehensively see everything, we don’t want the theft to success stealing your valuables. Meet our team and have stalwart protection against identity loss.

Contact Us

1876 Horse Creek Rd.
Cheyenne Wyoming, 82009

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