SAVX is every user’s main wallet for identification and access purposes. It is based on Blockchain and is used via inherent physical only (such as Facial Recognition, Fingerprint or Palm-Print). In today’s time when the cybercrime is on its continual upsurge, it is essential to have a kind of security feature that can work 100% in protecting your identity.

SAVX enables us to confirm the identity of the person on our doorstep without opening the door. Using SAVX helps universities, apartment buildings, and even cities prevent crimes occurring through the use of a false identity to enter premises. Vulnerable populations now have the ability to validate the identity of delivery people, police, utility workers, and even the repairmen from private companies.

White-collar crimes such as insurance fraud, identity theft, and corporate espionage become virtually impossible when SAVX in place. Airports, large-scale public events, and even hospitals are able to ensure the legitimacy of their employees and the safety of the public.

All data on the SAVX platform is blockchain anchored and sensitive data are encrypted so none of your data can be tempered or in case of sensitive data to be seen by others.

Your wallet will have everything you need inside. Whether it’s bank account information, insurance, medical files, driver’s license, passport and even trusted zones or smart appliance access tokens as car access keys, door keys and so on. It enables you to have access to your smart home applications and being trusted on the CCTV in specific areas whether home or business. Everything in your wallet is blockchained via chain point anchored and verified.

In order to check your past transaction, simply go the History section.

Absolutely not!

The usage of the platform will be provided free of charge with option to top-up premium features.

If you participate in the ICO and buy WHO tokens above certain threshold you will be eligible for free premium features and subscription packages.

Our complete system is based on blockchain, so every transaction in your wallet is authenticated, noted and no way back and can always be verified.

And the main thing is it’s tamper prof so none of your data in your wallet can be changed or tampered, and if it is changed it won’t match the blockchain hash.

SAVX is headquartered in the United States and has satellite offices in Israel, Poland and Nepal.

Being a part of SAVX means you are about to participate in two world-changing revolutions; the first is the identification revolution, and the second is the blockchain technology revolution. Identity have been making their mark on our planet for thousands of years and this impact is becoming increasingly vulnerable, as the point of contact with the digital and physical world continues to grow threats continue to accumulate.

Blockchain technology was introduced to the world in 2009 and since then has been incorporated in different industries. The power this technology holds is endless! Harnessing blockchain to empower a global community and create a nation without geographical boundaries is an absolutely thrilling opportunity.

We have extensive background in business, business development and tech. We have assembled a team of professionals who are top experts in their fields from cryptoeconomics, ICO legal and financial aspects, technology, and more.

The WHO token is not security in any way or form and shall not be considered as such. It is digital/software utility product which which does not provide any ownership rights. It represents a way of operating and Access rights to the SAVX services.

The primary usage of the WHO tokens is intended to be payments for the SAVX service, however the token has no expiration and it's up to you if you want to sell it to somebody else at your own risk.

Yes, you can see the code of our smart contract here.

The hard cap is $35,000,000.00. It`s hardcoded in our smart contract and any contribution above the hard cap will not be accepted and automatically returned.

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